• Martin Ruzek Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics (CIIRC), Czech Technical University in Prague, Zikova 4, 166 36 Prague 6, Czech Republic



neural network, artificial neuron, learning algorithm, mental model


This paper presents a new approach to mental functions modeling with the use of artificial neural networks. The artificial neural networks seems to be a promising method for the modeling of a human operator because the architecture of the ANN is directly inspired by the biological neuron. On the other hand, the classical paradigms of artificial neural networks are not suitable because they simplify too much the real processes in biological neural network. The search for a compromise between the complexity of biological neural network and the practical feasibility of the artificial network led to a new learning algorithm. This algorithm is based on the classical multilayered neural network; however, the learning rule is different. The neurons are updating their parameters in a way that is similar to real biological processes. The basic idea is that the neurons are competing for resources and the criterion to decide which neuron will survive is the usefulness of the neuron to the whole neural network. The neuron is not using "teacher" or any kind of superior system, the neuron receives only the information that is present in the biological system. The learning process can be seen as searching of some equilibrium point that is equal to a state with maximal importance of the neuron for the neural network. This position can change if the environment changes. The name of this type of learning, the homeostatic artificial neural network, originates from this idea, as it is similar to the process of homeostasis known in any living cell. The simulation results suggest that this type of learning can be useful also in other tasks of artificial learning and recognition.


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Ruzek, M. (2017). ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK FOR MODELS OF HUMAN OPERATOR. Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings, 12, 99–103.