Hana Chmelíčková, Helena Hiklová, Lukáš Václavek, Jan Tomáštík, Radim Čtvrtlík


Butt welding of commercially pure titanium Grade 1 and Ti6Al4V alloy sheets using a pulsed Nd:YAG laser KLS 246 - 102 LASAG were carried out to determine optimal values of pulse energy and pulse length to create completely penetrated weld. Surface peak power density of about 3.105−2 was found as an optimal value. Weld dimensions, both face width and penetration depth, are found to be proportional to increasing energy and decreasing pulse length. Gentle sagging and root penetration were revealed by means of contact surface profilometry. The nanohardness tests on transverse cross-sections detected approximately 50% higher hardness in the fusion zone than in the base material.


Elasticity, laser welding, nanohardness, surface profile, titanium


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