1146 Advanced modelling of concrete structures for improved sustainability



ageing management, bridge monitoring, Finite Element Method (FEM), non-linear analysis, durability assessment


The safe and long-term serviceability of concrete structures is one of the methods how to improve the sustainability of the concrete industry. This study presents a pilot application of an~integrated system for online monitoring and service life prediction of concrete bridges. The system consists of strain gauges measuring the structural response coupled with a laser rangefinder for detection of the bridge-crossing traffic. The measured data were used for the development of a computational model of the bridge. Next, the deterioration models were applied to the model to assess the long-term mechanical behaviour. In this study, we considered chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion. The numerical data are given for 100-years-long service life prediction.


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Rymeš, J., Červenka, J., & Pukl, R. (2023). 1146 Advanced modelling of concrete structures for improved sustainability. Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings, 38. Retrieved from https://ojs.cvut.cz/ojs/index.php/APP/article/view/8301



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