Formation of the Upstream Region in HV Gas Blast Interrupters with Synchronous Gas Injection


  • N. K. Kurakina SPbPU, IEE RAS
  • V. Ya. Frolov SPbPU
  • E. N. Tonkonogov SPbPU



high-voltage gas blast interrupter, air blast circut breaker, interruption capability, arc quenching, synchronous gas injection, gas-dynamics, numerical simulation, OpenFOAM


The problem of a synchronous gas injection at the vicinity of current zero for high voltage gas blast circuit breakers~(GCB) is discussed. The basic aim of the investigation is to improve the efficiency of arc quenching in GCB by increasing interruption ability without changes in drive parameters. The paper reviews the upstream region influence on the interruption capability, gas injection - mass flow interactions at the region between electrical contact and nozzle throat of GCB.
Numerical simulation is used to calculate gas--dynamics parameters at the upstream region of mono--flow GCB. The mass discharged as a result of the synchronous gas injection can rapidly modify both the density and pressure at the nozzle throat, regulate flow velocity in the research region. The selected method of the gas injection effects the breaking performance in the arc quenching device strongly. Some calculation results are presented.


Author Biographies

N. K. Kurakina, SPbPU, IEE RAS

Postgraduate, junior researcher

V. Ya. Frolov, SPbPU

Professor, Doctor of Engineering

E. N. Tonkonogov, SPbPU

Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering


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