The Modeling and Analysis of the Current Density in Current Gauges and Contact System


  • L. Kolimas
  • S. Kulas


contact systems, current gauges, current density


Transmission lines and contact assemblies adapted for conducting considerable values of constant and
momentary current ratings are usually built as the set of many isolated parallel paths, in addition spaces
between electric contacts are little compared with their width. Ensuring the big power-driven load capacity
to a maximum is aimed at it. In these types of paths flow of the electricity through each of them is,
how it could be expected, uneven. It is an effect of the occurrence of skin effect and an effect of closer
acquaintance. So, we cannot increase their power-driven load capacity proportionally to the amount of
transmission lines. Inductances are different, depending on the place of the path. The following calculations
are supposed to explain and to depict, which from paths (in case of contact assemblies – electric
contacts) will be mostly exposed at the flow of the electricity, as well as will let the resistance understand
the relation of the contact effect of the material and the structure of joints.


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