FDS versus EN-models comparison between Heskestad model out of EN and CFD results

Tom Molkens


For a rather big hippodrome we made a whole FDS model to investigate the influence of a car fire on the structure in terms of smoke and temperature actions on the structure.  As fire action we proposed a one or triple car fire.  Smoke evacuation is done by natural ventilation; open windows in the roof and doors at ground floor automatically coupled on the detection system.

In this particular case we could deliver a report with the guarantee of a smoke free evacuation layer during the required time and no protection is needed for the structure.  A guide for the use of the hall was delivered with all the restrictions for a safe use of the construction.

At this moment it seems to be useful, for featuring projects, to investigate if there is a difference with the localized fire scenarios from annex C out of EN 1991-1-2.  This is off course only valid for the structural impact of the fire load.

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