Interactive interoperability between firefighters and fire protection equipment

Kamila Horová, Slavomír Entler


An operation of fire protection equipment may be dangerous for intervening fire-fighters in some cases. Therefore, it is necessary, in addition to the analysis of fire development which includes a description of real fire scenarios, to affect active response of fire safety measures.

In 2009 the complex automatic fire protection equipment of coal handling route was installed into operation in Tušimice power plant. However, after starting the operation it showed that activation of the extinguishing system on the inclined conveyor bridge threatened the health and life of fire-fighters conducting an intervention.

In the paper an interactive algorithm that ensures a flexible cooperation intervening fire-fighters and automatic extinguishing system without a risk of fire-fighters life is investigated. Possible fire scenario is analysed in FDS. By numerical simulation applicability of the algorithm is confirmed. Development of gas temperatures in strong chimney flow gives also a view into part of mechanical response of structure.

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