Structural response under natural fire of barrel shape shell construction

Michal Malendowski, Adam Glema, Zdzislaw Kurzawa, Lukasz Polus


In the paper thermo-mechanical analysis of the structural shell construction with natural fire scenario is presented. The barrel shape coverlet with dimensions 40m x 80m is the roof system for the shopping arcade. The braced shell structure is made of steel rectangular hollow sections. The steel construction is directly covered by special glass system. The interior fire case is considered as the main goal of research. Fire is simulated with the use of FDS software based on computer fluid dynamics. Then the temperatures and/or heat fluxes are transferred to the non-linear Abaqus finite element software system. The 3D geometry FE computational model is prepared using 3D beam finite elements with mechanical and thermal degrees of freedom. CFD and FE analyses are sequentially coupled using special external own scripts. The analyses show influence of the natural fire onto the structural behaviour of the roof.

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