Interactive shear resistance of corrugated web in steel beam exposed to fire

Mariusz Maslak, Marcin Lukacz


The design approach to shear buckling resistance evaluation for corrugated web being a part of a steel beam exposed to fire is presented and discussed in detail. It is based on the experimentally confirmed interaction between the local and global elastic instability failure modes as well as on the possible yielding of the whole web cross – section during fire. Conclusively, the new formulae, adequate for specification of the suitable shear buckling coefficients depend not only on the web slenderness but also on the temperature of structural steel. The methodology proposed by the authors can be added to the current European standard recommendations given in EN 1993-1-2 as a well-justified design algorithm helpful in reliable evaluation of safety level for steel beams with slender corrugated webs subject to fire exposure. It seems to be highly desirable, because at present there are no detailed instructions in this field.

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