Fire resistnace of cold-formed steel columns

Nuno Lopes, Flavio Arrais, Paulo Vila Real


Steel structural elements composed of cold-formed thin walled sections, are common in buildings due to their lightness and ability to support large spans, however they are more susceptible to the occurrence of local buckling. Additionally, in these members, when subjected to axial compression, the flexural buckling, torsional-flexural buckling and distortional buckling are also common failure modes. These instability phenomena are intensified at high temperatures. This work has the main objective of presenting a numerical study on the fire behaviour of cold-formed thin walled C sections when subjected to compression and high temperatures. The influence of different geometrical imperfections shapes and residual stresses on the ultimate load are evaluated. Comparisons between the finite element numerical results, obtained with geometric and material non-linear analysis, and the Eurocode 3 Parts 1-2 and 1-3 rules are also made.

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