The structural behaviour in fire of a cold-formed steel portal frame having semi-rigid joints

Ross P.D. Johnston, James B.P. Lim, Mohammed Sonebi, Andrzej M. Wrzesien, Cecil Armstrong


This paper describes a non-linear finite element study into the effects of elevated temperature on a cold-formed steel portal frame having semi-rigid joints. Numerical modelling was carried out using ABAQUS finite element analysis software with shell elements used to capture localised buckling effects. Results for the ambient shell models are compared against previous full-scale tests. Material properties are taken from the literature, in order to predict the behaviour of the frame at elevated temperature. The results of finite element beam models are compared against those of shell models to enable comparison. At elevated temperature, shell models are shown to detect failure much earlier within the fire. Therefore shell models are recommended for such studies, for a conservative approach.

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