Steel structural fire-resistance design for protecting fire world cultural heritage

Yong Du


Minlou is the biggest unit among the world cultural heritage Mingxiao mausoleum erected in A.D. 1405 in Nanjing, China. In A.D. 1853, the timber roof of Minlou collapsed in the fire, and only brick wall survived. To prevent the survival brick wall from weather erosion, a steel truss with timber decorating would be built up in 2008. The finite element analysis was operated to examine the steel truss loading capacity exposed to the most severe fire scenario caused by the combustible timber member. Finally, the fire protection measures were proposed when the structural fire-resistance is satisfied with the objectives of performance-based. The outcome illustrates that steel structural fire-resistance can’t depend on results from single element testing in the standard furnace, and provides a snapshot to demonstrate that critical temperature method is efficient for structural fire safety design.

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