Steel fibre reinforced concrete for floor slabs

Jan Bednář, František Wald, Jan Vodička, Alena Kohoutková


The composite steel and concrete floor slabs reinforced with steel fibres were tested at ambient and at elevated temperature at Czech Technical University in Prague. The slabs and secondary beams were fire unprotected during the tests at elevated temperatures.  The edge beams only were protected.  The concrete slabs were reinforced by steel fibres only without added steel bars. The tests demonstrated the suitable properties of the steel fibre reinforced concrete in fire, which enable creating the membrane action.  The material properties of the fibre-concrete allowed forming a beam, the plate and tensile membrane mechanisms, which increase the fire resistance of the floor slabs.  For the fire resistance of the floor slabs was utilised the tensile strength and ductility of the steel fibre reinforced concrete.  The material properties tests at ambient and at elevated temperature, summarised in this contribution, approved the required ductility and tensile strength of the steel fibre concrete reinforced by 70 kg per cubic meter.


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