Comparative fire performance of high strength concrete columns with different types of fiber reinforcement

Wasim Khaliq, Venkatesh Kodur, Nikhil Raut


Reinforced concrete (RC) columns made of high strength concrete (HSC) experience faster degradation of capacity and spalling when exposed to fire. To mitigate such fire induced spalling and enhance fire resistance, fibers are often added to HSC mix. This paper presents results from fire resistance tests to illustrate the comparative fire performance of HSC columns with different fiber combinations. Four reinforced concrete (RC) columns made of HSC with plain, polypropylene, steel, and hybrid fibers were tested under design fire conditions and data from tests is utilized to evaluate the comparative fire behaviour of these columns. Results from these fire resistance experiments show that hybrid fiber reinforced HSC columns exhibit improved performance as compared to plain, polypropylene, and steel fiber reinforced columns.

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