Evaluation of the fire separating wall after the fire, Technical assessment of the loadbearing masonry wall exposed to high temperatures

Pawel A. Król


The paper presents a procedure for an assessment of the technical condition of the loadbearing fire wall made of hollow silicate blocks after the fire. The wall in addition to its fire-separating function was one of two loadbearing walls in the three-story office building, carrying the load from the roof and intermediate floors. The wall was designed as structure satisfying the requirements of REI120 class. During the severe fire the wall fulfilled its task, and its technical fire parameters in reality turned out to be better than projected ones. As a result of the fire which, in spring 2011 completely destroyed the adjacent part of the warehouse building (Fig. 1), and as a result of the two-day intensive fire-fighting, the integrity of the wall was violated. The wall suffered extensive damage, which decreased the strength parameters, and its ability to carry loads.

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