Buckling Resistance of Axially Restrained Chord Members of Grid Structure at Elevated Temperatures


  • Du Yong
  • J.Y. Richard Liew
  • Mingxiang Xiong
  • Jie Zou
  • Zeng Bo




This paper investigates the behavior of large span grid structure exposed to a localized fire. The localized fire may generate hot smoke and thus induce non-uniform temperature distribution in the grid structure. The thermal expansion of the heated members tend to be axially restrained by the adjacent cold members thus inducing additional forces on the critical members of the grid structure. The buckling resistance of axially restrained member at elevated temperature may be obtained based on second order analysis of member with initial lateral imperfection by considering force equilibrium at deformed geometry and cross section resistance being reached. The critical temperature of the member is reached when the axial force reaches its buckling resistance. It is found that the critical temperature of members with initial lateral imperfection was higher than that without such imperfection for chord members with large slenderness ratio and high axial restraint.