CHARACTERISTIC VALUE OF THE RANDOM FIRE LOAD DENSITY, Probability-based specification depending on the way how the building compartment is used


  • Mariusz Maslak



The algorithm that allows to specify the characteristic value of the random fire load density, depending on the way how the considered building compartment is used, is presented and discussed in detail. The proposed computational procedure is based on a probabilistic approach, the alternative in relation to the traditional methodology according to which the results obtained from the inventory of such a compartment are a basis for the evaluation. It is assumed that the sought value is estimated as the upper quantile of a Gumbel probability distribution which is set at an appropriate level of the probability of its up-crossing. The formal model described in the paper is referred to the two selected and qualitatively different design techniques which are used in practice. The first one is based on the recommendations contained in the Eurocode EN 1991-1-2, whereas the second - on the rules specified in the standard NFPA 557.