PERFORMANCE-BASED ANALYSIS OF PLANAR STEEL FRAME IN FIRE, The effect of different types of thermal insulation


  • Anita Treven
  • Tomaž Hozjan
  • Miran Sajea



The paper presents a performance-based analysis of a planar steel frame exposed to natural fire conditions, if protected with different types of insulation.Bare steel elements, and elements protected with intumescent coating or insulation boards are considered. Two fire scenarios and two material models for steel, with and without the consideration of viscous creep, are applied in order to observe the effect of viscous creep. The analysis consists of three steps: (i) the determination of fire curves, (ii) the thermal analysis, and (iii) the mechanical analysis. Theexpansion of intumescent coating as well as heat flux within the voidspace between the steel surface and the insulation boards are also considered. It is shown that the choice of the thermal insulation has a significant effect on the mechanical response of the frame.