INVESTIGATION ACTIVITY ABOUT A COLLAPSED STEEL STRUCTURE SUBJECTED TO A REAL FIRE, Fire scenarios and structural behaviour of a real steel structure

Iolanda Del Prete, Nicola Di Fiore, Emidio Nigro, Luca Ponticelli, Giovanni Di Stefano


The paper describes the behaviour ofa real steel structure collapsed under a fire event. 3D structural analyses were performed with SAFIR program (J-M Franssen, 2005). Different modellingare implemented with some fire load models and analyses of thebehaviour of the whole structure. The main purpose of this work was to investigate the failure types of a warehouse structure under fire conditions. Different fire conditions were applied to the steel frame sections, with ISOcurve (ISO EN 834-8:2002) and zone model approach. The analyses show that with unprotected steel sections, horizontal structures are more critical than columns. Trough applying a performance basedapproach,structure has 30 minutes of fire resistance.


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