BUCKLING LOAD OF RC COLUMNS EXPOSED TO ISO FIRE LOAD, The influence of the cross-sectional dimensions


  • Urška Bajc
  • Miran Saje
  • Tomaž Hozjan
  • Igor Planinc
  • Sebastjan Bratina




The influence of the cross-sectional dimensions on the buckling load capacity of reinforced concrete column exposed to ISO fire load is presented. The fire analysis is divided in two separate phases. In the first phase, the calculation of the temperatures over the cross-section of the concrete column is performed. Here more advanced hygro-thermal analysis is executed to take into account the influence of moisture on the distribution of the temperatures. In the second step of the fire analysis, the mechanical analysis is performed. The mechanical and thermal properties of concrete and reinforcement at elevated temperatures are used in accordance with EN 1992-1-2 (2004). For two different cross-sections, the parametric study has been performed. The critical buckling time and critical buckling capacity as a function of a load and slenderness of reinforced concrete column have been determined.