THE BEHAVIOUR OF SPECIAL OSB BOARDS UNDER FIRE CONDITIONS, The influence of OSB board´s fire coating on the fire resistance of light timber frame assemblies


  • Petr Kuklík
  • Magdaléna Charvátová



The paper is focused on the influence of fire resistant coatings used on OSB boards on the fire resistance of entire light timber frame wall assemblies. Two fire tests were performed in the fire test laboratory of PAVUS, a.s. in Veselí nad Lužnicí. The fire tests were performed on a load bearing wall. The wall dimensions were 3.0 (depth) x 3.0 (height) m. According to EN 1995-1-2, the calculation for fire paints and coatings is not possible. The aim of the paper is the determination of the influence of this type of coating on the OSB board’s charring rate, the determination of the start of charring of a timber stud and the fire resistance of the whole construction.