CAPACITY BUILDING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, Resilience improvement in Balkan region


  • Mirjana Laban
  • Srđan Popov
  • Vlastimir Radonjanin
  • Verica Milanko
  • Ana Frank
  • Vukoslavčević Suzana



In order to improve the resilience of the region to hazards, it is necessary to provide the required number of experts that is to modernize and develop higher education at the regional higher education institutions in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering. A master study program should be developed to satisfy various criteria, according to regional needs for resilient society, such as the shift from reactive to proactive actions, developing a culture of prevention in built environment and learning to live with risks. Final goal is to produce capable experts, to be able to withstand difficult requirements of today and tomorrow. Compliance of the regional master program with similar programs, developed in the EU countries, strengthens the capacity of individual countries and the region as a whole in the process of European integration.