FIRE RESISTANCE OF ALUMINIUM GLAZED CURTAIN WALLS, Test results comparison depending on the side of fire exposure


  • Paweł Sulik
  • Jacek Kinowski
  • Bartłomiej Sędłak



This paper discusses the main issues related to the fire resistance of aluminium glazed curtain walls including the tests methodology and way of classification of this type of building elements. Moreover, the paper presents the comparison of fire resistance test results of large test specimens of curtain walls in full configuration depending on the side of fire exposure. Temperature rises have been compared on unexposed surface of the curtain walls tested for standard and external fire exposure. To made the comparison four test specimens of glazed aluminium curtain walls in full configuration, were tested. Curtain walls had the same transom – mullion structure. Two test specimens were tested for external fire exposure, and two for standard fire exposure. Dimensions of exposed surfaces were 5000 x 4500 mm (width x height) for external fire exposure and 5000 x 4800 mm (width x height) for internal fire exposure.