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The Turbostroje / Turbomachines conference has been held regularly since 1999, alternately prepared by A.S.I. Regional Branch in Pilsen and in Prague. In 2018 main topic is "Flexible Fossil Power Plants for the Future Energy Market" in connection to the international H2020 projects Flexturbine and Turboreflex. Today’s requirements for the operation of modern fossil fuel power plants are largely influenced by the rapidly increasing share of renewable energy sources , which are unstable by its nature. This defines new demands on the operation of conventional sources with steam turbine, which are still a necessary complement to renewable energy sources. Main operational requirements include, in particular, the flexibility of operation, power on demand, long-term safe minimal or partial load operation or a high number of turbine start-ups with short ramp-up times while maintaining high efficiency, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness of power plant operation.

Key topics:

  • Flutter – aero-elasticity issues induced by low- or part-load operation
  • Optimization of turbine components limiting ST and GT flexible operation
  • Life cycle management, thermo-mechanical fatigue
  • Turbo machine diagnostics and analytics

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Date: September 25-26, 2018
Venue: Prague, Czech Republic
URL: https://turbo2018.asiplzen.cz/

Organized by:
Association of Mechanical Engineers (A.S.I.), Regional Branch in Pilsen
Czech Technical University in Prague

Guest editor:
Milan Růžička

Scientific comittee:
Jaroslav Synáč, University of West Bohemia
Luboš Prchlík, Doosan Škoda Power
Jiří Fiala, Doosan Škoda Power
Václav Cyrus, AHT Enegetika, Czech Technical University in Prague
Václav Uruba, Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences
Milan Růžička, Czech Technical University in Prague

Local organizing comittee:
Blanka Vlčková
Mirka Poskočilová
Petr Měšťánek

Guarantor of the peer review proces:
Milan Růžička

Guarantor of language editing:
Milan Růžička

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