Wioletta Mikuľáková, Jozef Živčák, Anna Eliašová, Eva Kovaľová, Eva Labunová, Lucia Kendrová


MONITORING THE OCCURRENCE OF THE AXIAL ORGAN DEFECTS IN DENTAL HYGIENE STUDENTS. Objective: The aim of the research was to evaluate changes in the curvature of the spine in the basic position in the sagittal and frontal plane in dental hygiene students using SpinalMouse, as well as comparing the quality of posture with a group of physiotherapy students. File: The surveyed sample consisted of 120 Presov University students, aged 21 to 34 years. Methods: Measurements were made using the SpinalMouse device. The percentage representation of changes in the basic shape of the spine in the sagittal and in the frontal plane in the various spine sections were calculated from the acquired data within the entire file. Results: The main problems were diagnosed in the frontal plane in the lumbar section of the spine. Pathological curvature without emphasis on the assessment of the curvature degree was found in more than 90% of the examined persons. Conclusion: The research highlights the negative changes in the parameters of the spinal shape in the examination sample of students. In order to prevent many health risks, attention should be paid to the method of teaching healthy habits within the work of dentists or dental hygienists.


Spinal Mouse®; curvature of the spine; dental hygiene students; ergonomics of work


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