L. Ličman, K. Langová, J. Zapletalová


NON-PARAMETRIC STATISTICAL TESTS AND THEIR SOFTWARE REALISATION. The purpose of this article is to introduce advanced data procesing with SPSS statistical software and use of a programming approach for this application. The article has a statistical and informatics part. The statistical section describes the non-parametric data analysis and post hoc tests, which are difficult to realize for common SPSS user. The informatics section describes the realisation of this post hoc test with the help of the .NET component with COM interface. This approach allows much wider use of the component, not only for the extension of the statistical tests. Another usage may be, for example, formation of the statistical procedure which is composed of several statistical tests and outputs according to the individual needs of the user.


statistics; informatics; nonparametric tests; post hoc tests; cross tables; Kruskal-Wallis test; Mann-Whitney test; SPSS; .NET


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