Patient’s respiratory curve synchronization by visual feedback application

David Oczka


In radiation therapy, irradiation systems are focused to target using a CT scan. In the case of target which is moving by breathing, the CT scan is performed in the patient's inhale or exhale. However, ensuring that the patient is breathing same way as during the CT scan is really problematic. This project deals with the issue by using special respiratory sensor and software application, which presents respiratory curve to patient via video goggles. During the planning CT scan, the patient's breathing curve is captured by a special sensor and is displayed using a software application that allows insertion of the limit markers, which are represented by stripes, which indicate how much the patient inhaled. The application has possibilities to store the location of stripes during CT scan and retrieve it again during a scheduled radiotherapy, when patient can surely breathe the same way as during a planning CT scan. The application was developed, implemented and successfully tested at the Oncology Clinic of the Faculty Hospital Ostrava.


Radiotherapy, CT, respiratory curve capturing, video goggles, C#


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