Cone calorimeter tests on FR treated Norway spruce, Comparison of different fire retardant products for timber structures

Paul Hartmann, Josef Kögl, Wilfried Beikircher


Fire retardants are effective in reducing different reaction to fire parameters of wood such as the ignitability, the heat release, the burning rate and the flame spread. This paper discusses the different mechanisms of fire retardant products as pressure impregnated wood, non-intumescence surface coatings and intumescence coatings on Norway spruce (Picea abies). The tests were performed by using the cone calorimeter test. The comparison of the investigated products will describe the mechanisms of action to reduce combustion by using the heat release rate of 25 kW/m² and 50 kW/m² and the standard IS0 834 test curve. As result information on the ignition time, the heat release rate, the mass loss and the temperature profile over the material thickness will be presented in this paper.

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