Strengthening of heat damaged reinforced concrete cylinders

A.B. Danie Roy, U. K. Sharma, P. Bhargava


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of various strengthening techniques in restoring heat damaged reinforced concrete. A series of 40 reinforced concrete cylinders were tested under concentric compression after being jacketed externally with high strength fiber reinforced concrete (HSFRC), Ferrocement (FC) and Glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) jackets. Concrete specimens were exposed to elevated temperatures ranging from room temperature to 900 ºC. The overall response of strengthened specimens was investigated vis-à-vis un-strengthened specimens in terms of axial compression, axial displacement and axial stress strain behaviour. The results indicate that important gains in strength and ductility can be achieved by strengthening heat – damaged R.C cylinders by HSFRC, FC and GFRP external Jacketing. GFRP jacketing was found to be the most effective method of strengthening fire or heat damaged concrete structures.

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