Metric Accuracy Evaluation of Dense Matching Algorithms in Archeological Applications

C. Re, S. Robson, R. Roncella, M Hess


In the cultural heritage field the recording and documentation of small and medium size objects with very detailed Digital Surface Models (DSM) is readily possible by through the use of high resolution and high precision triangulation laser scanners. 3D surface recording of archaeological objects can be easily achieved in museums; however, this type of record can be quite expensive. In many cases photogrammetry can provide a viable alternative for the generation of DSMs. The photogrammetric procedure has some benefits with respect to laser survey. The research described in this paper sets out to verify the reconstruction accuracy of DSMs of some archaeological artifacts obtained by photogrammetric survey. The experimentation has been carried out on some objects preserved in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology at University College London (UCL). DSMs produced by two photogrammetric software packages are compared with the digital 3D model obtained by a state of the art triangulation color laser scanner. Intercomparison between the generated DSM has allowed an evaluation of metric accuracy of the photogrammetric approach applied to archaeological documentation and of precision performances of the two software packages.


Cultural Heritage, Photogrammetry, Laser scanning, Scanner, Comparison, Accuracy


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