Implementation of a General Web Application Program Interface for Geoinformatics

Jan Pytel


C++ language was used for creating web applications at the department of Mapping and Cartography for many years. Plenty of projects started to be very large-scale and complicated to maintain. Consequently, the traditional way of adding functionality to a Web Server which previously has been used (CGI programs) started being usefulness. I was looking for some solutions - particularly open source ones. I have tried many languages (solutions) and finally I chose the Java language and started writing servlets. Using the Java language (servlets) has significantly simplified the development of web applications. As a result, developing cycle was cut down. Because of Java JNI (Java Native Interface) it is still possible to use C++ libraries which we are using. The main goal of this article is to share my practical experiences with rewriting typical CGI web application and creating complex geoinformatic web application.


Java language, C++language, servlets, CGI, web applications


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