Experience with a LiveCD in an education process

Jan Růžička, František Klímek


The paper describes how can be LiveCD (Bootable CD) used for geoinformatics distance learning. We have prepared one LiveCD with basic software for learning geoinformatics and we have some feedback from users and teachers. The paper should evaluate this feedback. LiveCD is a CD-ROM, that can be used as a bootable device. After booting from the CD, the user can access all resources compiled to the CD. There are operating system (usually based on GNU/Linux) and (user, desktop) software installed and configured to be used directly after boot. Our CD named GIS´ ak LiveCD contains basic GIS software such as UMN MapServer, GRASS, Quantum GIS, Thuban, JUMP, GPS Drive, Blender and we work on other software packages such as MapLab for UMN MapServer, PostGIS, GeoNetwork Open Source, CatMDEdit, gvSIG, uDIG. GIS´ ak LiveCD contains set of spatial data from the Czech Republic. Main part of the CD are tutorials for GIS software. CD is open for other e-learning materials. Now we have about 20 students using our LiveCD and few other users that are not curently our students. The paper should show Pros & Cons of the LiveCD usage for a distance learning.


LiveCD, GIS´ ak LiveCD, Distance Learning, E-learning


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