Determination of Pavement Elevations by the 3D Scanning System and Its Verification

Tomáš Křemen, Martin Štroner, Pavel Třasák


It is necessary to be careful of geometric accuracy of the roadways when constructing them.Correct thickness of the individual construction layers together with roughness of thepavement belongs among important influences ensuring lifetime of the roadways andvehicles and for comfortable and safe car ride. It is necessary beside other things to havea reliable check measurement method at disposal so as to ensure the required accuracy ofthe individual construction layers will be achieved. The check measurement method mustbe able to measure a checked construction component with the required accuracy and withsufficiently high density describing not only global deviations, but also local deviations.

The highest requirements on accuracy are placed on the final construction layer of theroadway. Layer thickness and pavement roughness are being evaluated here. The 3Dterrestrial scanning method is currently offered for geometric checking of its realization.The article deals with testing of procedure of the pavement roughness measurement withthe 3D terrestrial scanning system and with its verification by a total station measurement.Emphasis is put on verification of accuracy of absolute heights of points in the 3D modelof the pavement and on size of random errors in the elevation component. Results of thetesting clarified using the 3D terrestrial scanning systems and their accuracy for check ofthe roadway surface.


3D scanning, checking measurement, pavement roughness, elevation


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