Direct georeferencing with correction of map projection distortions for active imaging




Sensor Orientation, National coordinates, Mapping, LiDAR, GNSS/IMU


In aerial photogrammetry, the Cartesian coordinate system for the description of object space is commonly used. In contrast, many projects have to be processed in the space combined by the composition of a map projection and Vertical datum. In that space, some geometric deformations exist. There are some compensative methods for active and passive sensors. In the case of active sensors, decomposition and the correction of observation vector for each ground point can be used. We obtain height, horizontal distance and horizontal angle in this process. All of these values should be corrected for precise georeferencing. The contribution deals with the derivation of the corrections and gets some theoretical values from the area of the Czech Republic.

Author Biography

Zdeněk Švec, Czech Technical University in Prague

Department of Geomatics


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