Efficient plotting the functions with discontinuities based on combined sampling


  • Tomáš Bayer Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography, Charles University in Prague




adaptive sampling, combined sampling, recursive approach, stack, discontinuity, polygonal approximation, visualization, map projection, plotting, GIS,


This article presents a new algorithm for interval plotting of the function y = f(x) based on combined sampling. The proposed method synthesizes the uniform and adaptive sampling approaches and provides a more compact and efficient function representation. During the combined sampling, the polygonal approximation with a given threshold α between the adjacent segments is constructed. The automated detection and treatment of the discontinuities based on the LR criterion are involved. Two implementations, the recursive-based and stack-based, are introduced. Finally, several tests of the proposed algorithms for the different functions involving the discontinuities and several map projection graticules are presented. The proposed method may be used for more efficient sampling the curves (map projection graticules, contour lines, or buffers) in geoinformatics.


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