ISO 19115 for GeoWeb services orchestration


  • Jan Růžička Institute of Geoinformatics, VSB-TU of Ostrava



ISO 19115, GeoWeb, Orchestration, BPEL, MIDAS, Dublin Core, INSPIRE


The paper describes theoretical and practical possibilities of ISO 19115 standard in a process of generating dynamic GeoWeb services orchestras. There are several ways how to instantiate orchestras according to current state of services and user needs, some of them are briefly described in the paper. The most flexible way is based on metadata that describe geodata used by services. The most common standard used for geodata metadata in the EU is ISO 19115. The paper should describe if the standard is able (without extensions) to hold enough information for orchestration purposes. The paper defines minimal set of metadata items named ”ISO 19115 Orchestration Minimal” that must be available for geodata evaluation in a process of orchestration. A second part of the article will be probably less optimistic. It should describe how are (or were, or are planned to be) ISO 19115 possibilities used for metadata creation nowadays in the Czech Republic. This part is based on analyses of ISO 19115 core, MIDAS system, Dublin Core and INSPIRE metadata IR.


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