Future of Open Source systems

Karel Charvát


Software distribution strategies have many aspects and can be analysed by reviewing different incisions of a strategy. The focus of this paper is on Licensing aspect involves licensing strategy, licensing risks, licensing enforcement costs. Furthermore, by formulating licensing strategy main technical and logistical aspects are predicted also. The key issues of this paper are different business modes for FOSS software and also SWOT analysis of usage and development of FOSS software from point of view of different user groups. This analysis was provided as part of work of Humboldt IP and collaborative@rural IP. Currently this strategy are important issue of members of Czech Centre for Science and Society and WirelessInfo Living Lab, where the models based on dual licensing are key strategy.Keywords: Open Source, Licensing, FOSS base business models. SWOT analysis, Knowledge society, Knowledge economy


open source


Armantas Ostreika / KTC; Michael Printzos / PRO; Guillermo Schwartz / LOGCMG, Thorsten Reitz/FHG-IGD, Karel Charvat/HSRS, Humboldt, A2.4-D1 Software distribution strategies and business models, 2007

Karel CHARVAT, Petr HORAK, Sarka HORAKOVA Living Lab (LL) Business Models for Local Development, echallenges 2008, Stockholm

Business models analysis for Czech Living Lab (CLL) c@r project internal analysis

WirelessInfo licence http://www.wirelessinfo.cz


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