Integration of Hybrid Outdoor and Indoor Surveying. A Case Study in Spanish Renaissance Style Towers

J. I. Sánchez, J. I. San José, J. J. Fernández, J. Martínez, J. Finat


The fusion of different image- and range-based techniques is acknowledged as the best option for threedimensional surveying of objects displaying a complicated geometry at different scales and/or resolutions. A special case deserving still several challenges involves to towers which represent a compendium of constructive elements and, consequently, a large amount of problems related to conservation or maintenance interventions. In this work, we display an extended photogrametric approach which includes elements information systems in Architecture with a special regard to structural analysis and some aspects of materials analysis. We illustrate our approach with several examples regarding a hybrid surveying of architectural Renaissance towers which have been constructed in several agrarian zones of the kingdom of Castilla (Spain) along 16th and 17th centuries.


architectural surveying, range-based methods, Renaissance towers, conservation interventions.


Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions (2 vols), 7th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions, SAHC, October 6-8, 2010, Shanghai.

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