Implementation of SQLite database support in program gama-local


  • Václav Petráš Department of Mapping and Cartography, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague



GNU Gama, adjustment of geodetic networks, programming, C, C , databases, SQLite, callback functions


The program gama-local is a part of GNU Gama project and allows adjustment of local geodetic networks. Before realization of this project the program gama-local supported only XML as an input. I designed and implemented support for the SQLite database and thanks to this extension gama-local can read input data from the SQLite database. This article is focused on the specifics of the use of callback functions in C++ using the native SQLite C/C++ Application Programming Interface. The article provides solution to safe calling of callback functions written in C++. Callback functions are called from C library and C library itself is used by C++ program. Provided solution combines several programing techniques which are described in detail, so this article can serve as a cookbook even for beginner programmers.  This project was accomplished within my bachelor thesis.


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