Integrating DROOLS and R software for intelligent map system


  • Jan Růžička Institute of Geoinformatics, VSB – TU of Ostrava



expert system, map sheet evaluation, DROOLS, R software, ontology


The paper describes intelligent map system that allows to check errors in map sheets or to help with a map sheet creation. The system is based on expert system DROOLS, ontology created in Protége and statistical software R. Prototype of the system should evaluate that this kind of integration is possible, so the system is not full of rules. The prototype is filled with twenty rules written in DRL language and with more than thirty items from the ontology. The paper should show how all of these components can be integrated together to allow such kind of a map sheet evaluation. The system is now used for selection of the best method for data classification. The selection is suggested by DROOLS system that uses R software to perform statistical tests of normality and uniformity.


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