Application of Computer Vision Methods and Algorithms in Documentation of Cultural Heritage


  • David Káňa Geodis Brno, ltd, Lazaretní 11a, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Vlastimil Hanzl Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Veveří 331/98, Brno, Czech Re



computer vision, interest operator, matching


The main task of this paper is to describe methods and algorithms used in computer vision for fully automatic reconstruction of exterior orientation in ordered and unordered sets of images captured by digital calibrated cameras without prior informations about camera positions or scene structure. Attention will be paid to the SIFT interest operator for finding key points clearly describing the image areas with respect to scale and rotation, so that these areas could be compared to the regions in other images. There will also be discussed methods of matching key points, calculation of the relative orientation and strategy of linking sub-models to estimate the parameters entering complex bundle adjustment. The paper also compares the results achieved with above system with the results obtained by standard photogrammetric methods in processing of project documentation for reconstruction of the Žinkovy castle.


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