Tracking Unmanned Aerial Vehicle CTU FTS - Application of equipment


  • David Hůlek Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences



Tracking Unmanned Aerial Vehicle CTU FTS, observation and transmission equipment, application of equipment, UAV, RPAS


Article which is about the Tracking Unmanned Aerial Vehicle continues in the description of the project development dealing with the utilization of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Documentation of the project progresses builds on the previous article. In that article the selection of observation and transmission equipment was summarized. In the article, the reader learns about an installation of the equipment on the UAV (helicopter), about an interconnection of the equipment to create complete and functional system, about testing of the UAV, about the solutions of the problems which came into being during testing and about protection of the equipment against unfavourable effects. The location of equipment on the unmanned vehicle was chosen after a considering of several parameters. These parameters are preservation of the functionality or an influence to the balance. To find out how the added equipment affect the centre of gravity of the UAV the tabular method of the centre of gravity calculation was used. The results of the existing work on the project are location and attaching of the equipment to the unmanned vehicle, balance of the unmanned vehicle, solutions of the problems coming into being during the testing and design of the equipment protection against unfavourable effects.

Author Biography

David Hůlek, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences

Department of Air Transport


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