Airport Emissions of Particulate Matter

Jaroslav Štěrba, Jakub Hospodka


This article presents an overview and results of research of Airport Emissions of Particulate Matter (AEoPM). The AEoPM thesis creates an environment for summarizing local airport particulate matter emissions, for evaluating their contribution to overall local air pollution and for comparing the relative contributions to overall particulate matter emissions from each individual source of emission. The study researches the situation at Hradec Králové regional airport and then applies this gathered data to the airport‘s surrounding area. Next it poses the question: Is it appropriate to restrict Hradec Králové Airport’s operations when emission limits are breached? The answer is then found and presented in this article. Last but not least, the study deals with other local industry sources of particulate matter emissions in the monitored area and also compares the typical flight activity to the road activity one commonly used in the area.


Particulate matter; emissions; airport; aircraft; air pollution


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