Easier Access for General Aviation Pilots to Instrument Flight Rules Flying

Iveta Kameníková


To allow better acces for VFR pilots to hold IFR privileges, EASA introduced new pilot Qualification – Basic IR. This new qualification is porposed by EASA document NPA 2016-14, which introduces priviliges and repsonsibilities for this qualification. Basic IR is based mainly on existing license En-route IR but with signifcatn differences. Main difference is possibility to use basic IR even for 2D and 3D approaches. Even thought Basic IR is based on competency principles, it shall not be confused with competency based IR qualification, which holds differeNt privileges. With introduciton of Basic IR are connected several issues and problems which covered in this article. Every information in this article is referenced on NPA 2016-14.


Basic IR; General Aviation; IR Qualification; IFR Flying; Approach Procedures


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