Stres in Manager Activities

Luboš Socha, Veronika Boldiová, Alica Tobisová, Stanislav Kušmírek


The article presents and clarifies the topic that was focused on the influence of stress factors in the manger’s activity. The subject of the evaluation was the impact of stress on the work and performance of managers. Using the methods we used, we learned about whether stress is a daily part of the managerial position from the point of view of the managers themselves. Furthermore, we are dealing with the issue of the extent to which stressful situations affect the quality and efficiency of the work of managers and we are looking for the main causes of stress in the manager’s work. At the same time, we address the possibilities of managing stress, eliminating stress in the work environment, and streamlining workflows in the form of stress stimuli. Last but not least, we have focused on identifying the level of management stress management to support the management of the stresses in organizations where individual managers operate.


Manager; Stress; Stress management; Stressful situations; Stressors


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