Usage of Bonding Meters in Aviation

Patrik Petrýdes, David Hůlek, Martin Novák


This paper is about bonding meters, their principles, specifications and usage of bonding meters in aviation. The bonding meter is essentially a milliohm meter. It is used for measuring small values of resistance. The word “bonding” means that conductive parts of aircraft are bonded together by a conductive connection. The bonding meter tests, if the conductive connections are really conductive. This paper is, in its essence, a study how to use bonding meter and its usage. The usage is focused on the aviation. The first part of the paper describes bonding meter´s purpose and its specifications. There are several types of the bonding meters and every type has different specifications. The next part describes bonding meter´s usage, its application and measuring principles. The bonding meters can be used by different ways so it is good to explain the most used principles. The last part of this paper summarizes all mentioned knowledge and shows authors opinion to a development of the bonding measurements.


bonding meter; usage of bonding meter; milliohm meter; bonding meters in aviation


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