Public Transport to the Airport and Its Influence on Handling Process




passenger check-in, public transport, queuing process


The paper focuses on several possibilities of the mass public transport to the airport, including analyses of the expected impact on the various airport processes. Within the article, three main transportation system types will be described and compared. Firstly, the problem regarding current bus transfer system to the Václav Havel airport Prague will be analyzed. According to the analysis results the focus now turns to the description of the potential influence of the introduction of the new transfer systems, including the impact on the airport security and passport control process, and other procedures, which include some kind of a queuing process. This airport was chosen as the biggest airport in the Czech Republic, which in today and future business environment could expect problems related to the public transport of the passengers to and from the airport. Besides the description of the current structure, the paper tries to elaborate issues such as calculation of the queue waiting times and to propose a new system, more suitable for the given conditions. Results of the research include various calculations, such dependence of a modal split and intervals of the waiting times within a check-in process.


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