Model of Ground Handling Processes and Establishing Safety Mechanisms

Jindřich Duda, Slobodan Stojić


The following paper focuses on the operational safety issues in the aircraft ground handling process. Ground handling is a critical phase in terms of operational safety, however, severe injuries or even fatal accidents are rare. According to the available data, during a handling process a quite large number of incidents have as an outcome a damaged aircraft, which slows down the following processes and fluency of the relevant procedures. The financial costs in case of even the slightest damage are significantly high.

In order to implement different approach to safety management of ground handling companies, firstly a process analysis was performed using the Systems-Theoretic Accident Model and Process (STAMP) model. The STAMP model offers a different approach to operational safety as opposed to a traditional approach. STAMP approaches failure as a control error. The individual processes are designed for possible future STPA analysis. The processes were modelled according to the publicly available sources, and further improved with the expertise and experience from a real operation. A list of potential deviations is added to the processes or individual activities. Coordination processes between the ground handling company and the airport were also discussed. An operational measure designed to increase operational safety is proposed for selected cases.


Airport operations; ground handling; safety management; STAMP; modelling


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