Application of resilience assessment grid in production of aircraft components

Frederika Sekeľová, Andrej Lališ


The paper evaluates an application of the resilience measuring tool Resilience Assessment Grid (RAG) in the aircraft components production. For the purpose of the evaluation a specific RAG model for a change process is created. The paper contains a description of change process and the approval process of the engineering change proposal. Paper describes BPMN and FRAM models created to support model RAG and which both clarify relations among the functions inside the management of change process. The paper presents a possible approach for the Resilience Assessment Grid model creation. The outcome is a creation of a change process profile in a company producing aircraft components in which change process and approval of the engineering proposed change is managed, and a recording of a current state of four  process potentials that can be used by the company management to develop wider safety awareness among employees.


Resilience assessment grid, Resilience engineering, Safety management, Change process

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