Air Transport and its Socio-Economic Impacts

Methodology and Research


  • Peter Vittek
  • Sarah Van den Bergh
  • Radoslav Zozuľák
  • Bínová Helena



The initial motivation for studying and researching air transport socio-economic impacts is quantifying the value that air transport brings to the Czech Republic. The main challenge is to explore a methodology that would describe the macroeconomic and microeconomic relations within the Air transport industry. These relations will define the directions of the market forces flow and thus the Czech Republic’s value. The authors of the paper use an approach that follows methods and standards for collecting and processing economic and statistical data introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Eurostat, and the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). The authors incorporate economic definitions and standards published by the United Nations under the World Trade Organization (UNWTO) and other accounting and statistical entities, which results in creating a methodical description of chosen relations. The methodical description leads to the quantification of the value. In a practical sense, it is a matter of determining the origin of the data sets according to which the selected relations will be defined. The paper focuses on the expression of Air transport’s primary and secondary effects and the description of the proposals, which will be part of the methodology.






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